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Welcome to Dr Sami Alnuaim Public

Energy Website 

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Site Goals: Promote Energy Culture, Correct Energy Misconceptions and Promote Environmental Stewardship in Energy Industry

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Dr Alnuaim Energy Balanced Model

Dr Alnuaim new Energy Transition Model which calls for the need for all energy sources to meet the global energy demands, supporting global economic growth, enriching its social sustainable development goals (UN 17 SDGs), eliminating its energy poverty and protecting its environment. The model includes all renewables, cleaner natural gas, efficient none combusted uses of oil towards near net zero CO2 and Methane emission by 2050.    

WTI Crude Oil
$69.96 ▼-0.09   -0.13%
2021.06.09 end-of-day
Brent Crude Oil
$72.22 ▲0.00   0.00%
2021.06.09 end-of-day

Saudi Arabia: The True Frontline of the Global Energy Security

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Dr Alnuaim SPE 2019 President Accomplishments

Dr Sami is named to be the 2019 SPE President

Latest Energy Report:

Saudi Arabia at the Frontline of the Global Energy Security

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Saudi Gazette

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5- May 2011 OPEC Bulletin

6- OPEC at 50: Oil Market Modeling and Projections by

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